About Us

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vulnerability hunters

We love the internet

The internet is a super-highway designed to share information, however, vulnerabilites are on the rise, hackers are moving in for the take. Winter Dragon was created to help find and patch vulnerabilities before the hackers do.


Forward thinking

Designed to help

Security, Pentesting, Physical Controls and more

Winter Dragon focuses on web application vulnerabilities and specifically hunts for information disclosure, code injection, command execution and any vulnerability that could lead to compromise or sensitive information disclosure of systems.

We have worked on both proprietary and open-source code, delivering clear and well-written vulnerability reports and provided recommendations for patches.

Winter Dragon is your partner for security. Our team stems from backgrounds in systems administration, software & security engineering, and are active speakers in the Cyber Security field.

When not actively engaging in a pentest, you’ll find the team working on our internal tools, scanning popular open source packages for vulnerabilities, and making coffee. If your passion is cyber security, you should work with us, and join our action-packed team of Security Dragons!