Code Review

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where's your blindspots?

Often times vulnerabilities lay within the code and only get found once a breach occurs. You need proactive code auditing and vulnerability assessments done, Winter Dragon can help.

Winter Dragon can:

  • Evaluate the design and implementation of software.
  • Check code for XSS, SQL injection, session hijacking, weak cryptography, man-in-the-middle, code injection, command execution, file inclusion and XXE attacks.
  • Write proof-of-concept exploits for vulnerabilities.
  • Verifying vulnerabilities are patched.
  • Train your developers and staff to spot and fix vulnerabilities.

If you are an open-source project, you qualify for discounted initial Vulnerability Assessment by Winter Dragon. If your project is for the web and open-source under MIT license, you can qualify for free Vulnerability Assessment by Winter Dragon.

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