Intelligent DDoS Protection

Protect your entire infrastructure with our always-on Anti DDoS mitigation technology on-premise and in our hybrid cloud environment, powered by intelligence from Winter Dragon’s always learning Threat Intelligence Platform.


Proven DDoS Attack Prevention

Winter Dragon provides a comprehensive and intelligent Anti DDoS platform with proven results, from hosting companies to universities and beyond. Our solutions are tried and tested and ever-evolving.

Whether it’s on-premise bare metal DDoS mitigation appliances, virtual or in our hybrid cloud, Winter Dragon has the scalability and pricing flexibility to meet the DDoS protection needs of your organization.

With an easy-to-use user-interface and powerful customizable rule engine, Guard DDoS Protection is ready to defend your organization against DDoS attacks.

What We Protect Against

check Volumetric Application Floods

check Volumetric TCP Floods

check Slowloris, R-U-DEAD-YET (RUDY) and other Slow-based Attacks (Layer 7)

check HTTP HEAD Attacks

check HTTP Resource Exhaustion

check HTTP Cache Busting Attacks

check TCP State-Exhaustion


check Game Server Floods (eg. MCSpam, MCDrop, MCFlood)

Under Attack? Get Protected Quickly with Guard


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