Managed Service Providers

Protect your customers infrastructure and stay online with Guard for Managed Server Providers.


Active DDoS and WAF Solutions for Managed Service Providers.

Every day thousands of websites and organizations go under active attack from Denial of Service and Hacking attacks, and not all organizations have the capacity to handle them in real-time — that’s where we step in. Winter Dragon’s Guard Always-On Protection actively monitors for malicious traffic, identifies and blocks the traffic before it reaches your origin, allowing your business and customers to remain online. With Real-Time Threat Intelligence from Guard’s Active Threat Monitoring System (ATMS), Guard will automatically adjust and add rules based on the incoming threat intelligence from our global network — helping keep your customers safer in real-time.

With an intuitive web administration panel to manage Guard, and the ability to white-label and give users control over their own custom rules, your business and customers are good hands with the Guard Platform.

Comprensive DDoS Protection

The real-time always-on Anti DDoS Protection by Winter Dragon’s Guard has blocked attacks in excess of 1 million requests per second and actively builds dynamic block lists based on attack pattern information. Keeping your business and customers safer by the minute.


Advanced Application Firewall

Designed from the ground-up to be fast and scalable, Guard Web Application Firewall is tried and tested for identifying, intercepting and blocking hacking attempts, phishing, XSS and advanced malicious attacks. Guard WAF offers complete control over the rules, letting you add and remove in our intuitive web panel per your organization requirements.

Complete Visibility

Guard offers complete visibility into Denial of Service and Hacking attacks, from the high-level identification and summary, to the identification process on the network level, including rules triggered, suspect factors, rate of incoming traffic being blocked and more.


Flexible and Highly Scalable

Flexible and highly scalable, Winter Dragon’s Guard platform can scale with bare-metal, virtual, and cloud instances as your demand grows. Easily scale and load-balance traffic between data centers, customer types, attack volumes, security groups and more.

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