Managed DDoS Protection

Even the most experienced organizations need help sometimes. With Managed DDoS Protection from Winter Dragon, you can outsource all or some of your Guard Deployments to our team of experts. We’ll manage the systems and attacks for you – so you can focus on running your business.


Designed for Your Organization

Every day thousands of websites and organizations go under active attack from Denial of Service attacks, and not all organizations have the capacity to handle them in real-time, that’s where we step in. Winter Dragon is designed to fit within your infrastructure and organization, our competent engineers and active monitoring, detection and intelligence platforms keep track of all traffic that flows into your network and keeps malicious traffic away.

Our DDoS Engineers are ready to actively identify, classify and block attacks of all volume size for your organization, while you focus on what you do best — running your business. Backed by our 24×7 Network Operations and Monitoring Center (NOC), we’re here to help.

What We Protect Against

check Custom Organization-Specific Floods

check Custom Applications using TCP Protocol

check Volumetric Application Floods

check Volumetric TCP Floods

check Slowloris, R-U-DEAD-YET (RUDY) and other Slow-based Attacks (Layer 7)

check HTTP HEAD Attacks

check HTTP Resource Exhaustion

check HTTP Cache Busting Attacks

check TCP State-Exhaustion


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