Protection Spectrum Testing

Use Spectrum on your infrastructure to test against denial of service, application hacking attempts within a controlled environment.


Challenge Your Infrastructure with Spectrum

Winter Dragon works hard to keep customer on-premise and hybrid-cloud infrastructure online and secure, the result of blocking hundreds of thousands of attacks has led to one robust testing system, Spectrum.

Spectrum is a controlled environment where you can test your infrastructure against a variety of attacks and parallel attacks of different types, with a complete easy-to-use web interface, you can see the attacks in real-time against your infrastructure. Our multi-layer parallel attack approach helps organizations simulate real-world attacks on old and new infrastructure, and understand your blind spots.

Spectrum lives on-premise and in our cloud environment, the on-premise Spectrum server calculates request types, attack volume and reports back to the Spectrum Cloud service for you to review the attack results.

What We Test For

check ACK Flood



check DNS Amplification

check DNS Flood

check GoldenEye & Variants (HTTP GET/HEAD/POST/PUT)

check HTTP Slowloris/RUDY/variants

check HTTP Load Tieup

check ICMP Flood

check HTTP Cache-Busting

check HTTP Resource Exhaustion

check NTP Flood

check NTP Amplification

check Protocol Flood (TCP/UDP/ICMP)

check TCP RST Flood

check SNMP Amplification

check SSDP Amplification

check TCP SYN Flood

check Tor's Hammer (HTTP POST)

check TCP Confusion Flood

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