Threat Intelligence

Real-time threat intelligence for your business and applications.

Automated Attack Analysis

Active Threat Monitoring System (ATMS)

We observe, identify, classify and build rock-solid threat alarm rules based on our worldwide traffic analysis monitoring program, from our infrastructure to yours, the ATMS team pushes out updates on a daily basis to make your systems safer based on Winter Dragon Threat Intelligence Platform.

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Manual Analysis

Threat Intelligence Point (TIP)

We’re actively monitoring for threats and our Threat Intelligence Point Team (TIP) consistently combs the internet for threats — including phishing, business-email compromise (BEC), denial of service attacks and signatures, automated hacking attempts and advanced persistent threat (APT) activity. Our TIP team compiles rules and pushes them through the ATMS system to your infrastructure in real-time. Stopping threats in their tracks is what we do best.

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