Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications from hackers with Guard WAF.
A customizable web application firewall that scales with your business.


Designed For Your Organization

As the web evolves, the threats and malicious actors evolve with them. What was once considered secure may not be anymore, including your web applications. Winter Dragon has built Guard WAF from scratch, designed to inspect, analyze and block attacks on your web applications from malicious actors.

Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, Guard WAF stands in front of your web traffic, does SSL termination and content caching, bringing faster loading times to your legitimate visitors, and keeping malicious traffic locked out so your backend doesn’t receive the bad traffic.

With a web interface and customizable rule engine, Guard WAF offers a comprehensive suite of tooling to let you fine-tune your protection, all from the intuitive web interface!

Protecting You Against

check Custom Application Attacks

check Known Web Exploits

check Malicious User Input

check Information Disclosure

check Form Spam

check Malicious Scrapers

check Iframe Injection

check URL and Body-based XSS

check SQL Injection

check Command Execution

check Code Injection

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